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Disability Insurance in Georgia

When a person is injured at work in Georgia, or they get into a bad automobile accident, the possibility of becoming permanently disabled is very high. For on-the-job injuries, Workers Compensation benefits can help the disabled; however, those benefits are limited to a maximum of 400 weeks from the date of the accident. That period is a little over seven years, but when a person is permanently disabled, their disability stays with them for the rest of their life and that can be much longer than seven years. Click here to see what the Council for Disability Awareness has to say about your chances of becoming disable.

For automobile accidents, Georgia has the minimum insurance requirements for automobiles, which are, 1) Bodily injury of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per occurrence, and; 2) Property Damage of $25,000 per occurrence. These amounts are very small when compared to the average cost of hospitalization for injuries that lead to permanent disability. The CDC says the average cost for a fall injury is $35,000.

In both examples, the money runs out, faster for automobile accidents than for on-the job injuries. Nevertheless, the disability remains after the money is gone. After that happens, for many, the only financial support comes from Social Security Disability payments. In Georgia, 269,100 people receive a disability check, which currently averages $1,054.70 monthly. It is very difficult to make ends meet on such a small monthly sum.

To make matters worse 60% of those who apply for Social Security Disability receive a denial. Of those who reapply after the first denial, 80% get a denial the second time after waiting for about a year. The average waiting time to get a hearing is 406 to 538 days.

The independent insurance agents at Universal Indemnity Group & Financial Services, Inc. would like the opportunity to show a better way. They are expert Atlanta, GA disability insurance agents, who helped many people, by getting them disability insurance that provides a decent amount of monthly income, for the life of the person, if they become permanently disabled.

Contact the agents at Universal Indemnity Group & Financial Services, Inc. today while you are still healthy and without injury, especially if you work in an occupation that is inherently risky, such as the construction trades.

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