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Home Insurance in Georgia

Atlanta, GA home insurance agents are licensed, trained professionals who offer you options to meet your home insurance needs. These agents, through Universal Indemnity Group & Financial Services, Inc., serve as impartial intermediaries between your needs and the home insurance products they represent.

It is important to understand the role home insurance plays in protecting you from loss, as well as the way a licensed home insurance agent works with you to meet your insurance needs. Insurance is a product that you own, knowing that if you need to use it, it is adequate to restore you to your original value when an accidental loss occurs.

The Importance of Home Insurance

The independent insurance agent provides you with solutions custom tailored to your home insurance needs. They can evaluate the insurance coverages you have previously purchased as well as recommend areas of improvement or ways to cover any gaps that may exist in order to provide you with peace of mind.

The Different types of Home Insurance

Things to consider when selecting a policy for a home you live in, there are several types of policies to choose from. The most common policy is the HO-3, which provides the broadest coverage. Owners of multi-family homes generally purchase an HO-3 with an endorsement to cover the risks associated with having renters live in their homes.

HO-1: Limited coverage policy
This “bare bones” policy covers you against the first 10 disasters. It's no longer available in most states.

HO-2: Basic policy
A basic policy provides protection against all 16 disasters. There is a version of HO-2 designed for mobile homes.

HO-3: The most popular policy
This “special” policy protects your home from all perils except those specifically excluded

HO-8: Older home
Designed for older homes, this policy usually reimburses you for damage on an actual cash value basis which means replacement cost less depreciation. Full replacement cost policies may not be available for some older homes.

If you rent your home

Created specifically for those who rent the home they live in, this policy protects your possessions and any parts of the apartment that you own, such as new kitchen cabinets you install, against all 16 disasters.

If you own a co-op or a condo

H0-6: condo/co-op
A policy for those who own a condo or co-op, it provides coverage for your belongings and the structural parts of the building that you own. It protects you against all 16 disasters.

Get Affordable Home Insurance Quotes from Top Carriers

When looking for comprehensive yet affordable home insurance it is important to request quotes from multiple insurance carriers. Those who shop rates with a broker offering numerous companies tend to find the best deals available for their home insurance. Your homeowners’ insurance costs will depend largely on the location of the home, how susceptible it will be to risks’ like natural disasters, frequent wind storms, hurricanes and earthquakes, and a number of other factors as well. Rates on Home insurance can typically be reduced by increasing the deductible thereby reducing the carriers’ exposure. Most companies offer multi policy discounts when the consumer purchases both their home and auto insurance from the same carrier.

Meeting with a local Atlanta, GA Home Insurance Agent

Call or contact your local Atlanta, GA home insurance agents representing Universal Indemnity Group & Financial Services, Inc. for more information about the types of coverages available to you. Atlanta, GA home insurance agents are independent insurance agents, providing protection not only in the State of Georgia but in Alabama and Tennessee as well. Make the call and meet with an insurance professional to obtain a quote while discussing your needs. An independent agent will take the time to provide you with the appropriate home insurance solution.

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