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Motorcycle Insurance in Georgia

Like many states, Georgia requires motorcycle operators to keep proof of valid insurance with them whenever they ride. Although the state's electronic database applies the "valid" definition to numerous forms of motorcycle insurance coverage, your policy must provide a minimum amount of liability insurance to qualify.

Universal Indemnity Group & Financial Services, Inc., helps motorcycle owners stay safe and legally compliant. As Atlanta, GA, motorcycle insurance agents, we stay familiar with the coverages you need to ride legitimately.

In Georgia, law enforcement officers can request your proof of insurance any time they stop you or ask for your license. While they can't cite you, nullify your tags or suspend your license solely for not being able to prove that you have insurance, you may be fined in some cases.

It's important that your Atlanta, GA, motorcycle insurance agents understand the difference between valid polices and those that lack legality. The state maintains that in addition to being authorized to operate in Georgia, your insurer needs to meet liability minimums for bodily injury, death and destruction of property. It's critical that your policy provides all the necessary coverages or that you combine policies to meet the requirements.

Universal Indemnity Group & Financial Services, Inc., helps motorcycle owners find insurance policies that suit their budget constraints and coverage demands. While the state only requires that you meet the minimums, individual riders might be better served by additional coverages that reflect the kinds of equipment their vehicles include.

Our independent insurance agents may be able to help you make more sense of your options. Request a quote online today, or visit our offices to talk about your new policy.

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